The smart integration of hand washing and drying in one device


The following specifications are for the current Hydrowashr model. Further development may lead to adjustments.

Due to the absence of soap or other surfactants, plant and animal fat based dirt is removed by mechanical impact and the temperature of the water droplets.

Washing time Adjustable, typical 6 sec.
Cleaning method Plant and animal fat based dirt is removed by the thermal effect and mechanical impact of the hot water droplets hitting the dirt at high speed and ‘blowing’ it off your hands.
E-coli reduction > 95%
The Hydrowashr achieves a reduction of 95% on E-coli bacteria found on hands after bathroom use . However the normal skin flora in the deep pores of the skin remains intact. This is important since this flora protects against external contamination.
Drying time Adjustable 10 – 20 seconds. De hands are considered dry when less than 0.1 gram of water remains on them.
Wateruse Adjustable, 10-65 ml per hand washing.
Eectrical power washing Nominal 2000 Watt
Stand-by capacity 30 Watt (depending on local conditions)
Life span water filter > 1 year
Technical life span > 20 years (with regular maintenance)
Air speed and speed water droplets 135 m/s (486 km/h)
Air temperature 40 - 50 °C (104 – 122 F)
Air quantity 100 m3/h (28 l/s)
Water temperature 90 °C (194 F)
Sound <80 dBA
Water Pipe diameter: minimal 4 mm inside measure
Required water pressure: 2.8 bar
Connection: ½” screw thread
Sewer Pipe diameter: minimal 25 mm inside measure
Connection: 40 mm rubber cuff
Electrical Voltage: 220 – 230 V
Electric current: 10A
Fuse: 16A, slow, D-characteristic, flush mount power outlet box with cap, or 3 wire mounting thread from wall
Mounting 7 screws max 6 mm diameter, strong enough to carry 45 kg total weight