The smart integration of hand washing and drying in one device

How does it work?

Billions of microscopic pure water droplets, combined with the power of the extremely fast airflow clean the skin effectively, and this same airflow blows most of the water off your hands. After that clean warm air dries your hands completely. As a result the Hydrowashr is extremely time and energy efficient, and it reduces the amount of water by at least 95% from the average of 1 litre down to just 10 ml. for a hand wash.

Pure Water

De Hydrowashr is connected to the water supply grid. The water is demineralised, heated and stored at 90oC. Water-borne micro-organisms such as Legionella aren’t able to survive this process, adding to the hygienic concept of the product. Despite the high water temperature, the spray is safe and does not cause discomfort to your skin. Demineralisation and the high temperature give the water extra washing power and this is what makes the hands feel nice and soft.

Air Pump

The Hydrowashr contains a powerful 2000 Watt air pump that blows air and water droplets onto the hands with a velocity of 500 km/h. This high speed gives the water droplets extreme cleaning power, and easily blows the water off the hands. The compression in the air pump warms the air to a comfortable temperature. By utilising both air pressure and heat energy the efficiency is maximised.

Clean Air

The air in the Hydrowashr is recirculated and cleaned by an innovative double action filter: with UV light most micro-organisms in the air are killed directly; meanwhile by a photocatalytic effect, free radicals are generated in the air. These have a long term cleaning effect inside the device, both during operation and when on stand-by. A small amount of air is expelled into the room, but this air is guaranteed clean.

Water Splashing

The sophisticated aerodynamic design prevents the water droplets from going outside the device, and the used water is hygienically discharged via the drain. This innovative design means that the device and its surroundings can remain dry, and that the Hydrowashr can also be installed anywhere – not just in bathrooms.

Water Droplets

Because of the microscopic dimensions of the water droplets, the amount needed to complete a full handwash is as low as 10 ml. per hand wash. That is about half the contents of a test tube. Though with this 10 ml. the Hydrowashr produces about 150 billion (!!) droplets, which is more than sufficient to clean the hands.

Bacteria Reduction

The Hydrowashr was developed in the high tech laboratories of the Water Campus Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Extensive bacteriological tests carried out there, indicated that the cleaning of the hands is comparable to washing with water and soap. The clean air quality in and around the device was also determined.