The smart integration of hand washing and drying in one device

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  • Is hand hygiene
    a battle in the bathroom?

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  • Greener than green,
    the most sustainable integration of washing and drying hand in one device.

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Hydrowashr, the future of hand washing and drying

Are you forever refilling soap dispensers, cleaning the water off the wash basins, fixing malfunctioning towel dispensers, and fighting against bulging paper bins and bacteria-spreading blowers? Do you find the floor covered with water, soap and shredded paper? If so, then choose the Hydrowashr for a smart integration of cleaning and drying hands in one device.

With its inviting appearance, the Hydrowashr allows you to hygienically wash and dry your hands. Your hands are detected by sensors which trigger the washing sequence, enabling completely touch-free cleaning and preventing the spread of germs. In just 15 seconds your hands are clean, dry, warm and soft. The Hydrowashr does not use any soap or towels and reduces the amount of water significantly, using just 10 ml. water for a hand wash.